The Seed of St. Elmo Village: 1969

People and the use of their abilities give birth to a great strength. It is this use that makes one complete in his right now. This is truly St. Elmo Village, making use of what you have, and using your right-now – your God-given abilities. It is from this that one makes a way and feeds some of his hungers. It is meeting people that tears down the door of insecurity. We people that happen to be artist are only vehicles to self-awareness and the use of one’s ability that brings on self-accomplishment and self-pride. Through using your right now, you find a direction, you make a dream a reality. This is St. Elmo Village.

If there be a goal, that goal is a unification of people, without fear or
ultra-tradition, and thus, people will meet and grow as people. Children, teenagers, adults, the aged, people first.

If we put forth our efforts, use our ability along these lines, it will make a chain that is boundless. For it is we people that make things, and if we
people use our natural abilities we make many things. This is the seed of St. Elmo Village. If you live in a shoebox, brighten it up, be proud of it, for that is yours. This will destroy slums, ghettos and insecurity. Establish self-use.
If we people of St. Elmo Village greet people with this air, feed people with this food, this seed of St. Elmo Village will sprout through its youth and its age. But we must use all of our efforts and abilities and we must maintain flexibility of life. St. Elmo is not a school or an art colony. It is a place of
creativity – a place where people can meet as people – a seed of
inspiration to people to meet as people first.

M.C. Charles Reese
St Elmo Village Blessing
Tepeyolloti Danzantes Aztecas (Aztec/Mayan)
Tepeyolloti Danzantes Aztecas (Aztec/Mayan)
The Rev. Shawn Amos (Blues)
The Rev. Shawn Amos (Blues)
The Rev. Shawn Amos (Blues)
Director Jacqueline Alexander-Sykes
Congress Woman Maxine Waters
Serving California's 43rd District
La Verdad
Face Painting
St. Elmo Village is a place where we live, where we use what we have in the direction of building up where we live, of being proud of where we live, for it is this seed that will grow in our children and their children, thereby closing that reputed generation gap and showing usability, self-usability, without institutional guidelines. We must never lose sight of this reality, that the greatest fear in our society is the walls of the institutions that keep our people fearful and separate from one another. There is a greater use, a greater productivity, when we use our individual use without waiting for this or that. This is the seed that we of St. Elmo Village wish to instill and water.The use of one’s greatest breath – right now, the awareness of one’s feelings and having confidence, feeling for yourself, for that is a God-given right from birth. If we of St. Elmo Village fertilize this seed, it can grow and blossom into truly a great flower, a bright flower, that will cast its fragrance afar. There are many flowers in the reputed valley and beyond those hills, yet no flower is the same, and there is no certain way of blossoming. It is the same with us people, for we people have our individual use, and if we use that use, what a hell of a garden we make.

Roderick Sykes and Rozzell Sykes

Founder , St.Elmo Village




Our story

St. Elmo Village is a place of creativity, where we live, teach and work. A Los Angeles Cultural Landmark, St. Elmo Village continues to celebrate its 50th Anniversary year with music, artisan, and good food in an environment of lush gardens.
The Village has been cited as a mecca for literacy, visual and performance art and as a green space model for Los Angeles City and Urban elevation.

“A picture is a secret about a secret, the more it tells you the less you know.”

-Diane Arbus-

Spring/Summer 2019 Art Workshop

Bring the kids for a full day of
Creativity at the Village

  • Children’s Art Workshop: 11:00am to 12:30pm
  • Reading and Writing Workshop: 12:30pm to 1:30pm The Magic of Language:

Adult Art Workshop 2019 Adult Play Day

Bring the kids for a full day of
Creativity at the Village

  • Tuesday at 2: pm – Clay Workshop – Hand Building w/clay

Ongoing Activities

  • Sunday – 12:00 noon to 4:00 pm – Village Open House
  • Monthly Meetings:
  • 1st. Saturday of the Month – 2:30pm – IBWALA (International Black Writers & Artists Los Angeles) Writers Workshop
  • 3rd. Saturday of the Month – 10:30am – Towne Street Theatre Advisory Board
  • NOMA – National Organization of Minority Architects

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