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St Elmo Village

A Place of Creativity
“Do What You Love – Love What You Do”

July 1971, we are a nonprofit organization, 501(c)(3)


Ongoing Adult workshop

A place of Creativity
"Do What you love -love What you do"

Ongoing Activities

  • Sunday – 12:00 noon to 4:00 pm – Village Open House
  • Monthly Meetings:
  • 1st. Saturday of the Month – 2:30pm – IBWALA (International Black Writers & Artists Los Angeles) Writers Workshop
  • 3rd. Saturday of the Month – 10:30am – Towne Street Theatre Advisory Board
  • NOMA – National Organization of Minority Architects

st elmo village

4830 St. Elmo Drive
Los Angeles, California 90019-5571
Phone: (323) 931-3409 Fax: (323) 931-2065
Email: stelmovillage@earthlink.net
Website: www.stelmovillage.org