St. Elmo Village is ...

... an indoor / outdoor gallery featuring Art Exhibits every Sunday afternoon, the Village courtyard is alive and even more colorful than usual, as paintings and other workshop efforts are exhibited.



Visual Artists

  • Roderick Sykes, co-creator and Director of St. Elmo Village. He is a visual artist who uses paint, canvas, photography, and found objects to create an atmosphere of astounding beauty. He has also had several public art commissions.

  • Jacqueline Alexander-Sykes, administrator and resident of St. Elmo Village. She is a painter and photographer working in acrylic and watercolors. She has also had several public art commissions.

  • April Day, resident and master photographer. She uses the camera to document Industrial and Urban areas of Los Angeles. Her work can be seen at

  • Dominique Moody, resident, assemblage/collage artist.

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