St Elmo Village

A Place of Creativity
"Do What You Love - Love What You Do"

Kids Workshop

OUR workshops

St. Elmo Village's children and adult workshops represent a unique educational concept in which the uninhibited, creative freedom of people is not directed or taught, but they are merely given the materials necessary to explore the world of color and form.People visit the Village weekly for creative workshops.

Saturday Kids Workshops

Children are afforded the opportunity to develop their creativity throughout the week. The Saturday workshop was born when children who were observed throwing rocks at paintings were given paint brushes and encouraged to create paintings of their own.

Tuesday Adults Workshop

Our goal is to offer workshops on a daily basis, illustrating as many creative disciplines and addressing as many human concerns as possible.

Board of Directors

St. Elmo Village is where we live – a place where people can meet as people first, to share those feelings, those things one wishes to share without dictation. Working together in a place like the Village we are reminded of the things that we have in common rather than those that separate usWe, the board of St. Elmo Village, are pleased to come together on this occasion to welcome you to this place of creativity. The Village, as St. Elmo is sometimes called, is a mosaic of humanity. It has been and is a Mecca for sharing and attaining, for teaching and learning, for children and elders, an eyesore turned into a blessing, a retreat for discovery of self and craft, a home to those artists

(photographers, painters, writers, dancers, models, musicians, sculptors,, a shelter forging and creating spirits. It is our home. We invite you into it. The philosophy of St. Elmo Village is that all people are creative and powerful in their own way. Through sharing the creative process, we encourage self-confidence and self-esteem through the arts. St. Elmo Village has been providing art workshops, festivals, and numerous enhancement programs in the surrounding neighborhood and the Los Angeles community at large. The Village emphasizes pride in self as well as in our environment, which instills a desire to build up!

Board Members

Jacqueline Alexander-Sykes
Pat Bankhead
Cynthia L. Berry
Kwame Cooper
Nicole R. Daniels
Kimble Jemison Deener
Alan Elliott
Lynne P. Frick
Toni Humber, Ph.D.

Amina Humphrey, Ph.D.
Aleks Istanbullu, AIA
Wally N. Marks III
Glenn Scott
Rodney Sharpp
Marian L. Stuart
Roderick Sykes
Steve Weinstock
C. Jerome Woods

Memorial Day Weekend

50th anniversary

st elmo village

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